“Amarjeet is the most gifted teacher I have ever come across and I say that advisedly as a former PGCE Course Director. She is well organised and prepared, taught sessions are well paced and her knowledge of the subject matter is extensive.  Amarjeet is never short of a suggestion (or two) , with an excellent knowledge of each student and has the ability of differentiating and moving each of us along, from our individual starting points.  I enjoy her humour and teaching and the positive atmosphere she generates in the class room. I’m hooked!”.  Janet Manning 


“I have been a member of Workshop for many years and am continuously updating my knowledge with the help of both our tutor and fellow students. Rarely a dull moment , both enjoyable and challenging.”   Elaine Pearce


“Amarjeet is an inspirational teacher! She once told me that not to stop working on something too soon: it is too easy to stop building up the image for fear of ‘spoiling it’. This has stuck with me and made all the difference to my work.   Sam Harvey


“The WSTA Advanced Textile course is structured to introduce new techniques for experimentation and for us to develop individual skills. Exchanging ideas, collaborative analysis of individual work, generates a supportive and creative environment. Amarjeet is an inspiring tutor, who encourages us to explore ideas, to apply lateral thinking towards problem solving, to persevere and to follow our passion in achieving our personal, creative goal. ” Caroline McMahon


“I initially joined the Advanced Textile Course because I was unsure about how to develop my own work.  I feel I have grown in confidence to develop my own ideas.   As well as having the chance to explore exciting ways of working we have established a lovely supportive group and I always look forward to going to South Park. In the three years since I started the course I feel I have been stretched and stimulated with new ways of approaching a subject.  As well as developing my own work the course gives me the chance to explore new ideas and techniques.    Amarjeet strikes the right balance between taught sessions and mentoring us in our own projects . She is a supportive and inspirational tutor.”  Polly Woolstone


“The Advanced Textile Workshop is ideal for personal development. Amarjeet provides an interesting balance of workshops that push your ideas in new directions. It’s great to be able to work towards an end of year exhibition, having the time to fully explore and develop your work in a safe nurturing environment. There is the added benefit of spending time with lovely like minded people who get the textile love!” Tracey Williams